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How much does he weigh right now? I just looked at their website and the Science diet puppy formulas have that between 4-9 months for growth a 60lb puppy should be getting 5 1/2 cups and an 80 lb should be getting 6 3/4. Is he already around 70 lbs at 5 months old?

Regardless, those are just guidelines and might need to be tweaked depending on the dog. He does look a little bit chunky so you might want to decrease the amount you are giving him. It's up to you whether or not to change the food. there are some helpful links on here that you might want to look at in choosing one if you decide that's something you want to do.

ETA: Just looked at the large breed formula and it is a bit different. It shows that 5 2/3 60 lb and 7 cups for 80lb which is a little bit different and I can see possibly feeding 6 cups if he's in between 60 and 80 lb. However, since he's a bit chunky, I still say ya might need to lower the amount :)
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