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Puppy collar size

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Kane turns 14 weeks this Friday, and is already on the last hole of his 16" collar. I was going to order him a new one, but wasn't sure whay size to go to. Should I order his soon to be "adult collar" and use it now. Hes 4 months, 40 lbs, and growing like a damn weed! I'm going to update pics in the morning when I am home from work. Thanks ahead of time for any info.
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the avarage dober male is approx 18 to 19 inch neck.. dont go on the collar size.. measure his neck with a tape measure.. its better..

the avarage male is at his approx adult neck size arounf a year.. so at 8 months ish you can normally get away with an adult collar on the smallest hole.. that he can grow into..
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Thanks for the info Voodoo. I'll keep ya in mind as well when it comes to his next collar.
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