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So my friend and I are standing in my kitchen and i'm feeding my 2 precious girls. So my friend, who I deeply respect. She's a vet tech and she does rescue and fostering work, makes a comment..." Oh Saffy was pulled"...? what does that mean?? She tells me that GREEDER's who specifically breed for super large males PULL the females back so the male eats first.......

OK..Saffron came from a breeder who's soul purpose was to bred for GUARD DOGS. His business was he dropped off dober's at your business for the night.

He charged a fortune for his males if you wanted to buy one. You could get females with no papers for about $800 a pop. $300 dollar refund and papers with proof of spay.....My husband bought me one of these females about 3 months after my SOUL DOG "Roman" had died.........

When I first got Saffy she was a "gobbler"....But I received advice here and we have it under control even though I will say she's all business at dinner time..

My question...Have any of you heard of this practice???

Saffy..BTW is 30" at the wither and a good 100lbs.. not a ounce of fat..
So did this practice even work????????????? or we're they just mean to certain puppies........ For all I know... I have a KIMBERTAL puppy
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