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Okay so this may not be a big deal to most of you BUT today was Takiras first day out of her crate for the entire day while we were at work. I have tested the waters for a few weeks on weekends and 1-2 hour trips away but never have I left her out all day.

I am so happy to say she did great! She didnt tear anything up or chew on anything. I do think she was on the couch though cause I found lil black har on there...hehehe sneaky little girl.
I even tempted her by leaving a brand new unopened 35lb bag of Chicken Soup dog food in the kitchen. :D Oh and the cat still seems to be in one piece.

Tomorrow she will stay out again but this time I have hooked up one of those wireless Linksys network cameras so I will be able to check in on her from work. Now I just need a way to tell her "nein" or "platz" from work and we will be good to go. :)

As you can tell I am very happy, I am working towards breaking her of the crate and this is just another positive step in letting her prove herself.

:chlead: :clap: :cool2:

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