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I have Prong collars for Takira. I will say that like any other training tool if used correctly it can be great! I taught Takira to walk very nice by using a prong collar, now I use any collar and she is fine. It doesnt take long for the dog to realize that pull = uncomfortable.

In any case when I take Takira for a walk she knows it is all business, we dont play, we dont sniff and we dont poop. I use the time that I take Takira for walks as an extension of OB training. She gets to play when the work is done, it makes it much easier for me to get her exercise and practice OB without having to constantly correct her for stopping and sniffing.

I have noticed also when I take her to public events where there is alot of people and perhaps other dogs she knows that if she is on leesh it is work time. She wont go sniffing around and trying to say Hi to people or other dogs, leesh is on = worktime.

This works for me because I have a big fenced yard and she has plenty of room to run around and play either before or after her walk. If the walk is the only time you get to play then I suppose you do need to let your dog sniff and poop and stuff. :D

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