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Prong Collars?

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I went to Petsmart over the weekend, and I was supposed to be on a mission. But once I went down the leash/collar aisle, the hesitation began. I wanted to get Apollo a prong collar because he has developed this new habit where about 45 minutes through our walks (on bad days sometimes as soon as 15 minutes) he gets very dificult to manage. He pulls, he jumps all around me, he goes all up on people's's just not fun, and very dangerous since he could pull loose and run across the street!

We started working on heel, and what I do is, I'll give the heel command and work on keeping him in position for two blocks, and then I'll say, "Ok, it's time to play!" and I'll let him walk infront of me, and let him sniff for two blocks. I'm working on increasing the amount of time he's in the heel position, and decreasing sniffing time gradually because he doesn't have the patience (probably my fault because I've let him walk infront of me, and I haven't been too strict with the sniffing since the day I first put his leash on). I don't think he's lacking time to actually run around because he gets two scampers through the park/day, and a fun game of "Chase Mommy" every night before bed. And that's not including his regular walks. So I'm wondering what his problem is...Am I just expecting too much from his puppy attention span?

I really think a prong collar might help, but they just look so scary! Someone convince me that they're not actually some Medieval torture device...or if anyone has some other suggestions for correcting this problem that would be great!
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For my experience, we have a command especially and only for heel (no nose to the ground, no potty, and right beside me) and then we have a command for being on leash but relaxed. She can go ahead of me and sniff, pee, whatever, just as long as she doesn't pull at all. It's worked great for us, as I take her to the state park alot, she MUST be on leash, but I like her to have the freedom to enjoy herself. Lexus knows her "go easy" command, as soon as I issue it, she heads right out in front of me.

I use a harness for her "free time". I use the collar for work. When I walk her in her harness and she in on her free time, if she does start to pull or tug, she is recalled and has to walk in the heel. We start and stop, she must down, then go back into the heel, reverse, etc. All this for a good few minutes, then I release her again. It took a while, but she rarely pulls anymore now.

I do have a prong, if you do get one, make sure the prongs are very short. Mine are only about half and inch long. As mentioned above, make sure it is fitted well, as that is the key. I prefer her prong to a choke, I never use that anymore. I really only use the buckle collar anymore, as she's really come along in her training. Very rarely do I need the prong anymore. Used in good hands the prong is better and safer than a choke.
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Sure just leave the rubber tips on.

Definetely have him sit when you stop. I've worked Lexus at the heel/sit stop since she was 3 months old. The heel is a command that should include the sit, never let it be optional for him.

Another thing, I worked Lexus for a long time at the heel before we started the loose leash walking. Reason being, I called her into the heel when she would start to put tension on the line. It can be frustrating for a while, but they get the hang of it.

I was never a fan of prongs either, I used to think they were cruel actually. And any collar can be cruel in the wrong hands. But I think it is a better training device than a choker, and much safer. Now I like my prong, and since training with it, I rarely have to even use it anymore.
2dobies said:
I am considering buying a prong collar, and actually picked one up at Petsmart last weekend and tried it on Darmok. I guess I'm just a big soft heart (or soft head, maybe), but I just didnt like the way it looked--metal sticking into her throat and all. I really should try one, though. She is 3 yrs old now and although she is trained to do so many things, she STILL likes to pull when on a leash. If we go somewhere (pet store, or crowded areas) I still will use a GL, but like I read on other posts here, she also will rub her face a lot when it's on--usually she rubs her snout between my knees while I'm standing still! Or lay down or grass and roll her head around! I dont mind her being in front if we're just out for a 'fun' walk, because she still knows that I call the shots, but I sure would like to have her walk without pulling so hard!
Prong collars actually can be great training devices. Just make sure the prongs are short, mine are only about a half inch or so long (I think TracyJo even picked one up with rubber on the bottom of the prongs), and the collar needs to be not tight but resting in place against the skin, not loose enough that it hangs. And on a fitting that enables it to stay high up on the neck, not on the lower under muscles towards the chest. And not so high it pinches the sensitive bottom skin of their ears.

While any collar can be harsh in the wrong hands, a prong is better than say a choke collar as it won't pinch their skin. Just be sure to have a back up collar on her too, as it is not unheard of for a prong to unsnap. The key really is the fit, when it is fit right, it doesn't offer discomfort to the dog. And like with Lexus, they more or less correct themselves as you walk.

It's your desicion to try one, hopefully this offered some help with how to fit it.:)
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