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Great job, TracyJo. I might have been a little risky, but it turned out well. It sounded like your had it all laid out in your mind on how you wanted it to turn out. You knew what you wanted to do and what reponses you wanted, instead of worrying of what could happen. Thats a great mind set for training.

I saw this with my SO. After one of our training classes, we stopped by Barkfest, which was a fundraiser for our local shelter. There must of been atleast 300-400 dogs there with owners. My SO took the leash and she walked with Nikita right into the middle of the crowd to meet another doberman owner. Her mindset was awesome and I think that Nikita responded to that. No fears, Nikita acted the way the SO wanted and it was a pleasure to watch. The SO had the typical dobe fears the rest of the population of non-doberman owners have.

Good job and I bet it was fun too.
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