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Study Shows Probiotics May Treat Stress-Related Dog Diarrhea

"By Dr. Becker

As if being abandoned at an animal shelter wasn’t bad enough, many dogs also develop acute stress colitis, which is severe inflammation of the colon.

Acute stress colitis is brought on by the trauma of suddenly being locked in a kennel in a strange, scary environment.

Other contributing factors can be parasites, infectious diseases, and the abrupt change in diet that every dog entering a shelter undergoes.

The primary symptom of acute stress colitis is diarrhea, which creates challenges not only in managing the health of the animals, but also with shelter hygiene and the adoptability of the dogs suffering with the condition.

Traditional Treatments for Acute Stress Colitis
The standard treatment for stress colitis in adult shelter dogs includes anti-parasitic drugs and antibiotics.

In fact, many traditional veterinarians in private practice treat dogs with diarrhea and other GI issues with the antibiotic metronidazole.

Both these drugs put the GI tract under additional physiological stress, which can prevent full recovery and prolong symptoms and suffering.

In addition, overuse of antibiotics in veterinary medicine has resulted in the widespread problem of highly resistant strains of deadly bacteria like MRSA.

North Carolina Shelter Dog Study
Researchers at North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine conducted a study recently to compare the use of probiotics vs. metronidazole to treat acute diarrhea caused by stress colitis.

The dogs used in the study were from a Raleigh, NC animal shelter..."

For the rest of the story: Study Shows Probiotics May Treat Stress-Related Dog Diarrhea
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