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Princess & The Kids Part II

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So the weekend passes without many photo ops, well, they were there I just had tons of yard work to do. This afternoon I decided to play and leave the work for another day. Here are some fun shots of Princess and the Kids, hope ya'll like.

Her clubhouse too!

She was making sure my son was clean.

Our Sunset for tonight.
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Beautiful pics and a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.:)
You truly have a beautiful family....and are super intelligent....yard work can wait....children and puppies can't! You will blink and they will be my sons.

Carol & Petey!
Great shots!
Those were really great pictures keep em coming!
Very nice! I love the "clubhouse" :D She looks like she likes it as well. haha
Beautiful pics and a beautiful family. You should be very proud.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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