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Priceless picture!

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Gas to rescue kitten: $15
Milk replacer to feed rescued Kitten: $9
New litter pan and litter for rescued Kitten:$12

Knowing that your doberman is no match for a 2 lb kitten: PRICELESS!

The flash went out on my camera, so it's a dark picture, but you get the point lol.
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I actually think the picture looks beautiful without the flash ;) very cute!!!
This little guy sure does think he's tough lol, he litterally chases Lady around the house just to hiss at her! He's driving me loopy though lol, he spent all night in the bathroom crying for his siblings. I'm now a momma cat, having to feed him, clean his bottom, and snuggle him 24/7 lol. He came from a feral cat community where the cats are having trouble finding food for themselves and are dying, he was the only one we could catch. We're going to start trapping them and altering them, then releasing them where we can feed them regularly. This little guy will stay here long enough to get bigger, get his shots and then he'll go up for adoption, I don't expect to keep him long after that lol, he's too darn cute not to get adopted, and he has a great personality.
LOL That is the cutest picture!!!! :)

Bruno LOVES kitty's. We miss our Oscar :( It's almost been a year. I wonder how Bruno would do with another kitty around?
Thats cute. Have to love the little guys that think that they are bigger than they are.
Rudi and I live with 4 cats........JJ is Rudi's favorite
It's sooo cute when they spoon (( ))

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now I don't feel so bad about Tucker getting chased off the bed by a lady bug hehehehe
Yeah these big bad Dobermans are so tough!!! makes you wonder where they get such a bad reputation from.
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