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Presenting"Supeta's Femme Fatale"

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At last we proudly present "Supeta's Femme Fatale" ( Mischa or mischief as she has quickly become known) sorry to have been so long but as you can imagine my hands have been pretty full, what with returning from holiday then going to a show, then having this little bundle of trouble,i have been totally shattered.

She is into everything and a total live wire her favourite trick at the moment is to pounce on Chelsie or Tia when they are asleep.

Her D.O.B. was 03/28/2006.
Dad is Fr,Port & Sp Ch "F'Hiram Abif Royal Bell" hip score A+,vWD clear,Phpv clear.
Mom is "Supeta's Soul Sister at Gaindyke" B.H.,C.S.A.U. hip score A+,vWD clear,Phpv clear

We finally settled on Mischa(pronounced MISH-KA)but as i said it should have been MISCHIEF!!!
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:bow: All hail the new puppy queen!!!!:bow:
She's gorgeous Tony!!!!! Go ahead and pack them all up - I'll be there sometime tomorrow ;-)
sooooooooooooooooo pretty!!!! I cant wait to see her slowly growing up!!!!:) when or are you going to start puppy class with her? Id love to see some pictures of her with the rest of the pack!!!
What a doll. So happy to see the pics of her. How are the others taking the new arrival?
Tia is a little put out not to be the baby any more but she will come round and Chelsie is just being mother hen as usual,Amber is just being the boss as usual.
Ohhh how adorable!! And she balances out the color, glad you chose a black for that! She is sooo pretty and I love her name! So she is hereby known as Mischevious Mischa or Mischeif Mischa!! LOL, you gotta get her pic added beside Chelsie on your sig now, we can't have her left out or I may have to come over there and pick her up, that is if I can beat TracyJo. She's a fine looking girl Brum!
Congrats Brum, she is a pretty girl.

Good looking Pup you've got there, Brumwolf!
She's gorgeous. Can't wait to see more pics of her as she grows up.
She is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love her!!!! As a matter of fact get her bed and toys packed up, I'll be by this weekend to pick her up. Awwwh heck, forget the bed and such, I'll be by tonight!!
Yes she is a very purdy girl! aww thanks for sharing the pics!
Brum....what does Mrs.Brum think??
Well after being against me having a dog for so long she is totally in love with Mischa,i think i just wore her down,and the ice was broken about an hour ago with Tia,after we took little one for her final vaccination and microchip,we went to pets at home and bought her a couple of nylabones ,now Tia is chasing her round the garden and playing with her for the bones.
brumwolf said:
now Tia is chasing her round the garden and playing with her for the bones.
Awww, and you were worried that she wouldn't like her present. By the way Brum. Happy belated birthday to Tia. She needs some love too. :jonkel:
She is beautiful Brumwolf, have lots of funs and post more pictures.:)
awww I wish I could get a dobie puppy for duchess to play with! can I rent Mischa!!! lol Duchess had the best of time at the dog park when it was just her and this little puppy doberboy, they played exactly the same way as each other...the long stare down, and then BAM there off chasing each other around the table in circles lol they also did the sling shot where they lean their body back and then pounce and run! lol and then of course duchess had to be the mommy dog she is and lick the pups ears when they were done playing! hahaa. you need to get some more pictures and video clips too of the pack playing!!!! (before you go back to work)
1) Glad you didn't get divorced;
2) Your wife must have the patience of a saint;
3) Congrats to you both on the latest addition to your family. Mischa is just lovely and I'm trying to comprehend all the girl power at your place!
4. You lucky duck!!!
Ooooooooooooooooooooooh she is so cute!!!!!!! I LOVE the first picture! I am glad that everything is going smoothly with all the dobergirls. You have to add that first pic to your sig! She is soo cute!
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