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For the first puppy month:
1977 pup needed out every 1.5 hours max, when I was home.
2000 pup needed out every .75 hours max, when I was home.
At bed time:
One outside trip (most times) for potty break at 3:30 am..this worked out fine.
My pups have never peed in my bed...but I am up like a flash, if they whine.
- current pup got excited first thing in the morning, when placed on the for one week, she was carried outside

On work days (Mon-Fri), new pup was crated for 4 hours max...this worked out fine.

Each 8 week old dobe puppy, was 100% potty trained in 3 weeks time...with only few accidents.
- outside visits all controlled off-leash, as I incorporate this exciting voice much as possible, from day1

P.S. - back yard for potty only, then to the front yard for a quick play or in the house for treat
- my dogs learned and liked to pee in longer grass / so when puppy training...I don't cut one spot of the back yard as mark the learning spot
(then there is no confusion of my expectations, when we arrive at the same repeated spot...over & over, every time)
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