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Mark left for his week in Hawaii yesterday morning. This is his first TDY since we've had her. Yo and Petri are old hands at it, in fact, when he's packing we have to keep his bags behind a closed door because either one or both will pee on them (but they only do this before he leaves, not when he comes back).
Anyway, I have until Friday to work on Chi staying off of the furniture before he comes home! See I can work on her all day long but as soon as he gets home at night, he screws it all up. "She's just a little baby..." he'll say as he pulls her onto the couch with him...
I spent the better part of last night with an upholstry needle in hand sewing up the cushions - not a fun job. Now, she only chews on the cushions when I'm not here and he doesn't watch her nearly as closely as I do. So the cushions are now fixed (and don't look too bad I might add :) and she is off the couch! Yesterday I employed Ceasar's "calm and assertive" strategy and it worked very well :) But every time I would redirect her to her chair, she'd look at me like "just wait til Daddy gets home..."
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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