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Hi guys, it's me, I don't post much but I'm still lurking about.
I'm sorry if this has been brought up already but I looked and didn't see it... it made me very upset and I sure gave my Bonnie a big hug when I read it. It really made me sick, broke my heart.

Police Shoot, Kill Dog During Foot Chase - Louisville News Story - WLKY Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Police officers chased a home invasion suspect on foot through a neighborhood, but also ended up shooting and killing a dog in its own back yard.

Police said the dog attacked an officer, but the dog's owner said that explanation is ridiculous.

"It's heartbreaking. It's killing me," said Michelle Damron, the dog's owner. "I just think shooting a dog and letting it suffer to its death because you're too scared to get bit was wrong -- especially when you came in his yard."

Damron said she raised Rocco since he was just three days old. But on Wednesday, the 6-year-old full-sized Doberman found himself caught in the middle of a police pursuit -- right outside his own cage.

Police said officers were chasing a home invasion suspect through Damron's neighborhood on Madelon Court around 6 p.m. when the suspect darted into her back yard.

"I got up to see what was going on because the dog was raising a fit, just barking, and I saw somebody else come as I was getting to the door, and as soon as I opened the door, I heard two gunshots," Damron said. "I looked over and my dog was hollering and there was blood everywhere, and he went inside of his dog house and eventually died."

"He went back in there crying and screaming and eventually died. He suffered," Damron continued. "They were chasing an armed robber and I guess he feared he was going to get bit. That dog wouldn't have bit."
Police said the Doberman jumped on the suspect and then attacked an officer. They said the officer had to shoot the dog in self-defense and to protect the suspect.

Still, Damron is unconvinced.

"It did not give them the right to shoot my dog. I mean, a dog is going to bark. That's his job. He's in his yard. You come in his yard, he's going to bark," Damron said.

Metro Animal Services came to remove the dog from the scene. Damron said she wants more.

"I think something ought to be done other than an apology. An apology doesn't stop his hurt. It doesn't stop my hurt. It doesn't bring back my dog," Damron said.

Police are calling it a horrible situation. But they said that doesn't change the fact that police officers have the right to defend themselves when they're being attacked, whether by a human or by an animal.
Police said the department is working with the dog's owner and her family to help with the situation.

Police said the home invasion suspect was Dijon Barlow, 24. He was handcuffed and taken into custody shortly after the dog was shot. He's being charged with fleeing or evading police, resisting arrest and third-degree criminal trespass.
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