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please tell me i read this wrong

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I happened to go on to oodle today to look for stuff for our new house. this was on the front page. there breeding white dobermans and asking 1,000 a piece. and im not sure if this is correct but it says vWD: carrier and they only have two dogs and it says it about both. please tell me that doesnt mean they have it and there still breeding them

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I have a feeling that vwd is the least of any of those dogs worries about health problems. The parents are carriers, which means they dont have vwd but do carry the gene for it. When two carriers are bred the pups can be clear, dont have vwd genes, carrier, explained above, or actually have vwd. However, when dobermans have vwd it rarely clinically affects the dog. Only a small percentage will actually have clotting problems, but it can be a complicating factor if the dog becomes ill with another serious disease. The following is all my opinion only. Show dogs available at reasonable price,give me a break. Neither of the parents have conformation that would throw a show pup even if you were allowed to show in AKC. But the white color is a disqualification in the AKC conformation ring. They can participate in obedience, agility or other sports. Maybe they can show in some of the other registrations. IMO, their web site is misleading. Their health testing is practically nonexistant. These people make me tired.
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Funny, I went there to look saw the white litter; and then I got a notice that the site was full of malware.

I think this is a free site which when the person signs up to utilize it for free then "charges" the visitors.
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