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Please meet RED (@ 47 days)

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This is Ragvi's Addiction (whom I call Red till we can agree on a better name!). In this pic he is 47 days old. He came home last Sunday when he was exactly 90 days old. He has a ear infection now and I'll post more pics after I can start taping his ears again. He's otherwise just fine. Greatest puppy I've had.


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cutie! he has some big feet! congrats
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He looks like a nice puppy. Who are his parents, if you dont mind me asking?
Red boys are such cuties! He has lots of bone on him!

What happened with your black male puppy Mark? Do you still have him?

I would be concerned about male x male agression with two young males.
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Thanks everybody !
I would have gone mad if nobody asked me about my puppy (so saying I don't mind LindaH asking about his parents would be a huge understatement).
His father is an Argentinean Import, Shiva de Black Shadow s/o Inaqui de Black Shadow s/o Nello's Lex Luthor. His mother is bred in India from an Akido San Argentinean import and a bitch out of Martyn and Cambria bloodlines.
Mark is with a friend and wont be coming back. I have another older male at home, but if any aggression problem crops up in future, I can ensure that one male stays in the fenced yard while the other is in the house.
Can anybody suggest a good name for this kid ? I want a name with character, not doggy names.
Solo, Carter, Hank, Luke, Levi, Eli, Jake...any of those work for you.
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