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I wanted to share our experience with everyone on here because this forum helped us a lot raising our pup and I hope this post will come in handy to those with similar issues.

When we got our pup from the breeder, he was perfect. She was feeding him raw (5 Stars - Natural raw food for dogs and cats). His poops were perfect, firm and easy to pick up.

All vets will advise you to feed your dog kibble (Royal Canin, in our case) because it's 'calibrated to give the dog all the vitamins and nutrients he needs for healthy growth'. We decided to switch him to kibble - which is where our troubles began. His poops became creamy/liquid, impossible to pick up, he started drinking a ton more water (like spending 5-10 minutes at the water bowl at the park and emptying his bowl at home) and slowly started to develop bumps on his skin. His farts were out of control as well and he slowly developed a loss of appetite. A month or so later I noticed white patches on his paws.

This went on for a few months - we went to see a few different vets. None of them took his over-drinking seriously (they said it's hard to quantify what excessive is). One suggested that we give him Bran buds (Kellogs) to firm up his stool (which worked, but please continue reading below). We did a bunch of blood work with a few different vets - they suspected liver shunts, pancreas problems and finally, after an ultrasound, he was diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowl syndrome). The vet prescribed him to take Metronidazole daily for the rest of his life and switched him to another type of Royal Canin (kangaroo) because she said he may be allergic to the protein (chicken) in the puppy Royal Canin.

Putting an 8 month old pup on daily antibiotics for the rest of his life seemed crazy to me - simply because the impact on his liver would be tremendous, even if it did help with his IBS. He was also not super excited about the kangaroo kibble and wasn't really eating it. Another vet recommended a 'wet' canned food (Purina with a green label). He wouldn't touch that at all.

I researched what went into kibble - turns out the primary ingredient, above protein, is Oat Groats. This is a type of fiber. Unlike humans, dogs do not need fiber, they are carnivores - it is added to their food to firm up their stools. Fiber tends to irritate dogs intestines - while it does firm up their stools, it can contribute to IBS (which is why so many dogs have it!). The Bran buds we were giving him absorbed the moisture in his poops but was essentially masking the symptoms and irritating his intestines even more.

I found out that the pimples he had all over his body were and the over drinking were symptoms of a food allergy. The white patches on his paws were yeast infection, also due to food allergy. I'm no vet, but I think he was allergic to fiber the whole time - not the protein. It's crazy to me that all dry dog foods contain fiber. All of them.

I didn't end up giving him the antibiotics and switched him back to the same natural, all meat diet he was eating at his breeder and within a few weeks ALL THE SYMPTOMS VANISHED. He's been fine ever since. His stools are perfect, he drinks a normal amount of water, no skin problems, has a great appetite and lots of energy. We change up the protein every week (one week beef, another week chicken, another week duck etc) so that he doesn't develop an allergy to any one of them.

Hope this helps anyone who is having the same troubles. This process cost us a couple of thousand dollars and I can't believe that our poor pup could have been living on medication for the rest of his life.

PS. I dont work for 5star or anything like that.

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