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Some random photos, and a funny series I took today :) We are going on a road trip this weekend.......I am bringing my camera.......

Who's the happy dog?????? (Rommel)

Rommel.........Did YOU tear up that wubba????

"But MOM it was MY wubba!!!"

"Okay, the coast is clear........I got the wubba"

"Maybe if I am really still......he wont notice me"

"Okay, I am going to slllloooooowly look back and see if he is there"

"OH NO......he is looking..........I'll play dead"

"Give the wubba back and no one gets hurt!!!!!!"

"I mean it!!!!!"

"I'm still WAITING............"

and I just liked this one....
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Oh.........and here are some from last week. Ziris looking out the window, going over the Bay Bridge. I just thought they were neat shots.

Closeup of #2
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BIB, those are two stunning dawgs you got thar.

That last close up out the window is absolutely breath taking. Wow.
I love pictures that tell stories, those are so cute, and the pictures of Ziris are gorgeous.
ur dogs look great.. i love the shots where u can see her sculpted neckline and chest. Nice faces they have as well.
They look great! Cute pics.
That first set is adorable.... I absolutely LOVE the second set. Gorgeous!
awsome shots BiB, love roms! get the wubba!
What a couple of beautiful dogs! Miss Z is HUGE! Poor Petey will never know what it is like to have a sibling!

Have a great road trip!

Great pics! you're dogs are gorgeous! Have a safe trip this weekend!
Amanda it really is time Ziris came back to Europe for a visit(my house is in Europe you know)and Rom can come over for a holiday too.(i WILL send them back,and an English man is as good as his word,(shhhhs everyone i have Welsh blood in my veins:):):) )
BIB, I love the pictures and story. That made me smile. Miss Z is absolutely stunning in the second set of photos. Both have beautiful coloring.
Those are great. I need to start caring my camera with me. Seems like I always forget.:)
Lovely shots of lovely Dobes! Have a great weekend!
Great pictures as always :) Have a safe trip!
I just noticed these. Great photos and I love how you spontaneously decided to take advantage of the moment. I didn't even realize you were snapping away ;)
ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I love seeing pictures of ALL your babies...........yes, even the cat ;)

Dobemom is right about the coloring, they both have wonderful colors and marks........among many other attributes :D

The only thing wrong with those pictures was NO PIPER, heheheheheheh
They are a cute pair BiB, and the Z girl is turning out to be a beautiful girl! Question for you, what the %%#!! were you doing taking pictures while driving???? LOL!!
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