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2dobies said:
SO, maybe I missed the info, but how old is he? Have you ever worked a Dobe around lambs or sheep? I dont know of anyone else that has done that, so he may be a unique little guy! We used to raise chickens, though, and incubated some rather rare breeds one year. After they were hatched out, we kept them inside in a plastic kids' wading pool, filled w/ wood chips, because in was January when they hatched (temps hovering around zero mostly). Our beloved Doberman Bianca was watching them and she looked so cute, like she was baby-sitting. We left the room for like one minute to get some baby chick feed, and she ATE them all!!! Good thing sheep are bigger animals!
Oh my gosh that is so bad...LOL I know it is not funny.. but I sure was laughing.. :eatchicke :eatchicke :eatchicke I can just see her... MMMM chicken on the run.. Yummy!! I love rare diets!! LOL
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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