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Picture of my puppy

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Thanks to everyone for the photo uploading advice. I'm trying this to see how it works. This is a picture of my 10 month old puppy, Monte, at the dog park about two weeks ago on only his second visit there.

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awwww he looks like the life of the party! It is so nice to see pics from ya! I hope to see many more. :) I don't see how you can just post one picture...I get carried away with taking pictures...and then I can't choose which ones to post! lol :)
lol LapDog. I'm the same. I post a million of them. I wish we could post more then 6 to a post ;)

He's a great looking boy!!! :) Looks like he's enjoying his time there. I wish we had an actual dog park. I mean we bring Bruno for good runs. But there are no other dogs. It's just a field. He likes to play with other doggies :)
He's gorgeous MicDobe... It looks like they're all playing "follow the leader" :)
He's a social butterfly at the dog park, which I was glad to see. I think the puppy playdates he went to when he was little helped a lot with that.

I have a lot of pictures of him and I plan to take more so don't worry, you'll see more Monte pictures here now that I know how to post them.
What a happy boy
Wow look like great fun!! and what a great shot!!!
It looks like he fits right in there at the Dog Park!
Awwh too cute, they do like they are playing follow the leader! Great looking boy Mic, glad he was so social too!
Me too Mariposa, we dont have one anywhere near here. He is beautiful MicDobe, post some more pics!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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