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Picture of Bumpy

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I don't know how this happened but the itty bitty puppy I brought home 16 months ago is now a full fledged grown up Doberman Pinscher - lol. This picture was taken by someone at his dog training class and when I saw it I couldn't believe that my little boy was this BIG. Here he is.....Sir Ellsworth Bumpy (Bumpy).

Isn't he gorgeous? I am so in love :)
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He looks too cute!
Looks like they said, "Hey Bumpy!" and he swung his head over for the pic.....too cute!

I'm in love with my guy, too. (do I really need a human man?......ok that's gross!)
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Awww, he is still 100% adorable. It's funny how we live with this big, dobie body every day but still look at them as pups. I swear after Cleo died I was looking at pictures wondering where the gray beard came from. She was still a baby (9 1/2 years old baby).
Rightly so you should be in love--how could you not be. He is adorable.
Yes, he is gorgeous and you should be in love!! ;)
He is so very handsome. They never look old in our eyes.
Ummmmmm, YES you should be in love!! He has such a sincere gaze to his eyes, he is just sooooo handsome Lana :)
awww! he is very handsome! and I still see the essence of a puppy in that look! :)
Lapdog, you mean the "ready to cause trouble" look in his eyes? LOL. What I didn't tell everyone was that a minute after that picture was taken the fool rolled on his back in class to play in the grass.....that's my boy.
What a handsome boy. He sure does look grown up!
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