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Here are the pics I promised you guys.

Lately, stealth has been starting his biting/nipping phase as a puppy. I know this is what they do but it is getting to the point where he is over doing it and doing it too hard. Up until now I have been grabbing his muzzle and telling him no and providing him with his toy after I say, "no biting". The toy seems to take his mind off things for a bit but then he's right back at it. Also he bites WAY to hard, to the point where he is digging his teeth into your skin. I've even tried high pitched screams when he bites to hard but that seems to encourage him even more. I continue to remind myself that patience is key with puppies or with any dog but I want to stop this as soon as possible to prevent unwanted behaviour and aslo injuries.:help_up_2 Your advice guys, please!


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