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Pics of Stealth!

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Here are the pics I promised you guys.

Lately, stealth has been starting his biting/nipping phase as a puppy. I know this is what they do but it is getting to the point where he is over doing it and doing it too hard. Up until now I have been grabbing his muzzle and telling him no and providing him with his toy after I say, "no biting". The toy seems to take his mind off things for a bit but then he's right back at it. Also he bites WAY to hard, to the point where he is digging his teeth into your skin. I've even tried high pitched screams when he bites to hard but that seems to encourage him even more. I continue to remind myself that patience is key with puppies or with any dog but I want to stop this as soon as possible to prevent unwanted behaviour and aslo injuries.:help_up_2 Your advice guys, please!


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What a great looking boy!

I'm afraid I don't have any advice as to Stealth's biting. I've been letting my pup Mensa get away with murder lately, but the other dogs in her pack are starting to lay down the law with her.
The point of the high pitched screaming, or maybe shrieking would be a better word, is to startle the puppy so that he lets go for an instant. The very instant that he does let go stick an appropriate toy in his mouth or if sometimes you don't have one handy praise him and remove yourself from his reach, they hate that, lol.

If he isn't letting go at all when you shriek then you aren't startling him, for whatever reason. Either you're not being highpitched or loud enough or he *likes*. So if you can't produce a scream that startles him at all then I would suggest just ignoring him. You're enough bigger than him to simply open hisi mouth and remove his teeth from your skin. Then turn your back on him and ignore him for a few moments, and when you do interact with him again do it with a toy. Or you can put him in his crate for a few moments for a "time out" so he can calm down and then start again.

I do know that holding the muzzle and saying NO, no matterin what tone of voice, isn't likely to work. These things, cause an equal and opposite reaction in the puppy, IOW it's as if your joining in the game and he "fights" back.
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awww he is so cute! I like how you decorated the hat too :) as far as the biting goes...I would just continue to try to discourage the biting...try not to move your hands around too much while playing with him...and give him a toy or a bone to chew on instead like you said youve been doing...puppy teeth hurt alot!! they can draw blood often especially if you try to pull your hand away too fast. Maybe try keeping his mouth busy by getting him a KONG and fill with peanut butter....or treats...that fit good in it without falling out to easily.
oh wow! he is gorgeous! I especially love how he looks at the camera, the look of eagles!! ...and you have holly socks :p

Every one's already given great advice. What I'll add to it is that when you substiute the toy for your hand and he makes the switch, encourage his enjoyment of the toy. Don't just hand it over and that's it. Play with it a little. Do a little bit of gentle tugging and tell him he's a good boy.

Above all, just be patient. You're trying to change hard wireing, it takes some time. Even if at times this all feels hopeless, just stay positive, understanding, and above all consistent. He will get it.
I agree with what everyone else has posted. Above all, make sure you really, really praise him every time his teeth are on the toy rather than your hand. For what it's worth, I feel (or felt) your pain. Chi was really bad with her teeth when she was a young pup. Persistence and lots of praise finally won in the end :)
Tracy Stealth is adorable!

PS- I'm going to look at a four month old red dobe in need of a home on wednesday...cropped ears but a bit long on the tail (from what I've heard). The dog is in Connecticut only fourty five mins away from me, male, has been around cats and small dogs (where it is now) I'll keep you posted!
Nice looking lad and i know what you are going through Mischa is about the same age and biting everyone.
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