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Pics of Sabot

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Today I took Sabot out on his long leash...we are working on come....phew it is hard are some of the pics.

He is always busy looking somwhere else except at me...

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He is a cutie boy! The fur ball isn't bad either - LOL!!
There is something about those red boy's I just LOVE!!!!! He is a doll, what a handsome boy.
He looks full of life and totally full of trouble! And his little sister Paris is going to learn all her bad habits from him...HAHA...hey, what are big brothers for?
He's what I imagine our pup will look like when he's grown. Thanks for posting these!
He looks nice. Paris looks like a little tag along already.
OH he has gotten so big.. He is looking great..
Glad they get along,we have a Standard Poodle that walks on the fields and Chelsie has decided that he is the enemy and must be shouted at very loud,i must show her your pics and tell her it is possible to get along with other breeds :)
thanks for sharing pics of your handsome red guy
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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