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pics and videos of Cher enjoying the sunshine today

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It was supposed to rain today, I'm SO glad they were wrong! Here is Cher taking a break from chasing her favorite pink ball...

And a few videos of the dogs playing in the yard....
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Very pretty. It looks like you have a few grazers out there. :D
The whippets are they a nice calm breed. Never been around one to know. Your dobie girl is certainly a looker. The star of the show is the bird. How many dogs do you have. If the were all dobes there would be grass flying and no more back lawn. lol
Whippets usually are quite calm, sometimes even lazy. Speed-wise they run circles around the doberman, but the doberman is WAY more active and keeps the whippets going.

I have 7 dogs....5 whippets ages 6 months, 4 yrs, 6 yrs, 10 yrs and 13 yrs, one italian greyhound that's 13 yrs, and Cher who is 18 months. Also a 19 year old cat, a 2 yr old macaw, and 3 cockatiels ages 5, 12, and 15.
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Wow - you have a samll zoo :) Beautiful dogs - I love the bird checking out the video camera - he (?) is a very pretty bird.
Wow....great video and picture. You are lucky to have that many dogs. I wish I could...the law here only allows 3 dogs.
The law here only allows either 2 or 3 dogs, I can't remember.
Julie - great pic and video. I loved seeing Cher and the whippets interact. I have 2 dobes, but have been looking into getting a whippet in the future, so it was nice to see the two breeds together. Also, I just love the black ones. It seems like it's hard to find black ones (most are brindle or brown/white or some variation of the two). Sorry if I am listing the whippet colors incorrectly. I'm still learning what the proper color names are :)

P.S. What a nice big backyard you have! I wish my dogs had that to run around in. Plus, they'd love the grass to munch on!
Beautiful pics. Do you race your whipets often?
Do you race your whipets often?
Yes, all the time. We actually have race practice this afternoon. The whippets get to train and Cher gets to pretend to be a whippet. A good time by all!
Pretty girl..........pretty weather too! I am still waiting on ours to get here :)
looks like a lovely day to lounge and prance around in the yard! :)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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