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SO, Niz, and I were up in Santa Rosa this weekend and so Shirley and David very generously offered to take me down to club on Sunday. And I brought my black box of photo taking, Niz annoying, cameraness.

Honor tracking.

Niz.... nizzing. Patrick helped me get Niz started in tracking, and now I've created a monster that has to sniff every piece of trampled vegetation he sees on walks.

It's really, really hard to take a photo of Jett--she made sure my nose stayed wet as well with her soft kisses.

Jewell's loot.

Diva is more than happy to let you know what she wants.

Cowboy likes his cuddles.

And he know's he's a cutie pie.

And he can still milk the "I'm a cute puppy" look for all its worth.

But make no mistake, he is a seriously good looking dude.

Who cuddles.

And has got springs on his paws.

Pretty sure Gracie has got a spring in her neck...

Diva is more than happy to take kick butt as well.

And of course, so is the demon bitch, Jewell.

It's a good thing she doesn't have thumbs.

Diva is the most composed and polite dog ever. Niz missed the book on doggy etiquette that she clearly memorized.

I was too busy watching from afar to get any shots of Cowboy working down the field, but here's his handsome mug again.

And again...

The moment I really fell in love with this goofy boy; he had just come off the field, having put his all into everything he did throughout the day, never showing any signs of fatigue or thirst until he stepped off the hot field. After he caught his breath in the shade, he stole the puppy sleeve on the ground and proceeded to poke people with it until my SO asked what Cowboy wanted--he just wanted someone to hold the handle. The moment SO just held the handle, Cowboy's nubbin started going he just held his head there happily.

Jett is in amazing shape... and she's 8!

Diva loves her Shirley.

Bye bye, DT.


One Lucky Mama!
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Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing!

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Okay, yeah, I have a total Cowboy crush. I talk about him to people when I can shoehorn Schutzhund into the conversation (his sproingy bark and hold, specifically, and his joy at the work). What a lovely day, and lovely pictures to go with!

Let me just say, I appreciate that your SO was all "what do you want Cowboy?", fully expecting an understandable answer. Daily, I'm amazed and pleased at Elka's ability to clearly communicate. It's really rad!

Good Gracious, Gracie!
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What a great day! Thanks for coming! Thanks for so many really wonderful photos!

I hope you and Niz had at least half as much fun as we did!

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Great pictures!! Thank you for sharing. It looks like you had a great time with some really great people and awesome dogs :)
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