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PetCareRx site, anyone use it?

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I am looking for another prong collar with the quick release and I don't like the Leerburg or HS on their site - besides I emailed one of them for a catalog and never got a response.

I already have a quick release prong and it is very sturdy. The ones I saw at Petsmart were not good quality. I did see one exactly like the one I have on PetCareRx site. They also have vitamins that I will be ordering so I'll get free shipping. Has anyone ordered from them? Stores in my area just aren't carrying them anymore and I have been to several store other than Petco/Petsmart.
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I haven't used them however, I got mine from Pet Supplies Plus. I actually bought 2 of the high quality small prong collars and linked them together. It has a quick release on it too. I can't stand the ones that don't. There were more of the cheaper collars there, but these ones were nicely made.

How long are your prongs on yours now?
Do you mean the prong itself? It sticks out about 1 inch and is 1 1/2 inch long. I looked more closely at it - it is a HS quick release but they don't make it like that anymore (at least I don't think they do), they use these round metal tabs on each end
the one I have does not have that and for the life of me I can't remember if mine is large or extra large. Plus how the heck to you measure it - from prong to prong or total length stretched out. Oh I know its MOnday now :biggrin55 :help_up_2
I couldn't remember the brand name, but that is it, Herm sprenger, that's the exact collar with the quick release that I have, however I bought two small ones made for smaller dogs and linked them together. I didn't like the long prongs. My prongs are about 1/2 inch long. I think the two I bought were the 14" ones with the fine prongs.

I bought a set of extra links in case it wasn't big enough. Just a guess but I would think that if you go with that kind and those sizes in your link, that a large would be sufficient.

Here's a link with some different sizes and the quick release offered on them.
*gasps* Their HS collars are so cheap! I paid an arm and a leg for the one I have and it's not even the quick release type. :( That'll teach me next time to shop around.
It takes me forever to buy something, especially online. DH says I research things to death before I buy :jonkel:
I'll try that site though, thanks Lexus.
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