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I wasn't "complaining" about their system and honestly am not sure of their restrictions concerning "merling" was just using that color pattern as an example. I'm trying to find the article now and have run across some neat info on their standards concerning harlequin danes - evidentally breeding harlequin to harlequin = very bad (learn something new every day:).
I was just saying that I thought it was odd that they were so strict about some things and (apparantly, according to those who say they don't recognize DCM as a problem) complacent about others.

Sea Hag
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TracyJo said:
I was just saying that I thought it was odd that they were so strict about some things and (apparantly, according to those who say they don't recognize DCM as a problem) complacent about others.
Oh, I "got" what you were saying, and didn't think you were complaining about their system.

The point I was trying to make is there generally is a good reason for most of their restrictions; they're not just arbitrary rules for the sake of rules.

The European community is slowly moving away from all the denial about DCM..for many, many years people were providing absolutely absurd causes of death when young dogs just dropped dead. So many dogs were billed as being "poisoned" or "hit by trucks" that it began to be kind of...humourous. Either they weren't being honest or their animal keeping skills needed some dramatic help, because they sure had a disproprotionate number of dogs dying "accidentally".

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I wouldn't be surprised if the consumer protection laws in Germany specify what details have to be included in the sales contract of pedigreed dogs. Health guarantees would be part of this ie. documented test results proving clean bill of health. Let's face it - all it takes is a politician's pup secumbing to DCM at an early age when the breeder guaranteed no inherent problems, and suddenly there's legislation making breeders more responsible. Not such a bad thing.

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Translated from DV...what they say about breeding (and registering)... (It is alot like the German Shepards)


1. The breed book
It is open in principle to all breeders of Dobermaennern those their domicile in the Federal Republic of Germany have and member data processing e.V. are. Also non-members know the breed book on request use. On this request the presidency decides. A condition for an entry into the breed book it is that both parents on a breed fitness examination data processing e.V. for breed suited explained are and at least one breed partner a training characteristic (SchH and/or. IPO) possesses. The breed book assumption of foreign Is subject to dogs to the regulations of the international breed right of the FCI. A breed book assumption entitled zurTeilnahmean breed looking and Performance evaluations. The participation in breed fitness examinations and Koerungen depends on the special certification requirements these breed examinations.

2. Request for entry
The request must in double execution on the form (application for registration), for this planned, data processing e.V. are placed. The entries are according to the form in To fill out machine writing or well readable block letters. The entry documents are within two weeks after the throw acceptance to the breed book place to send. Hiermach must all documents for in the calendar year 1995 born puppies at the latest to 15. March 1996 with the breed book place are present. The proof concerning this is if required from the breeder to lead.
With the denomination of the names for the dogs of a throw is to be considered, that all with the same letter to begin must. Additives to the names are not permitted. On correct way of writing of the names is to respect. The selected name must easily the sex regulation make possible. The names of the puppies of the first throw of a kennel must begin with the letter A, with further throws is to keep the sequence of the alphabet. Rufnamen from the same kennel may repeat itself at the earliest after 12 years (numbers, letters and other additives are not permitted).

3.Entry forms
a) Throw messages
Those Entry of a throw becomes under use under 1. Number. 2 described Entry form requests. The request can only after the sieved life week the puppies to be placed. The duly filled out Form are the original geneological table of the nut/mother dog as well as the cover document to attach the Ruedenbesitzers. The owner columns that Geneological tables must be completely filled out (s. I. Number. 5)
The breeder is obligated:
Aa) the responsible person breed-wait the department or regional committee the throw to announce within three days after the birth.
off) that Breed-wait admission to the entire breed place to permit and up Require the entire kennel existence to demonstrate.
AC) Data to make and information over already received puppies. So far the responsible person is breed-waited not attainable, is to be mainbreed-waited to inform, so that it the throw acceptance assign a suitable person can. The throws of breed control rooms data processing e.V. must - in agreement to mainbreed-wait with - by another breed-wait data processing e.V. decreased become.
b) Single entries
In special cases single entries can be made. A condition is that the identity of the dog free of doubts to be proven can. Only such cases get in question, those the entry of the breeder for any reasons not took place, although all conditions in accordance with these breed regulations or of the meeting of the members the data processings e.V. decided changes were fulfilled. The documents are to be submitted in accordance with 3a. The breed committee must agree the entry.

4. Kennel protection
Throw entries can take place only under a protected kennel name. Requests on kennel protection are on the appropriate form with the breed book place to submit. The request is a confirmation of the responsible person To attach breed being width unit that for breed dogs and if necessary. Puppy at least a very good kennel attitude is given. Free discharge and human Allowance are basic conditions. Without collecting main of the confirmation is a treatment of the request for kennel protection not possible. That It from cause of its activity developed are breed-waited To refund displays. The request for kennel protection is so in time too place that to the intended breed employment of a Huendinn that Kennel protection is present. With consideration of the Veroeffentlichungsfrsit in "our Dobmerann" is necessary one operating time of 4 months. The time for appeal amounts to after publication 4 weeks. After Publication of this report, may do a Huendinn only to Breed to be used, if the kennel protection is present. With change of residence the breeder is a renewed examination of the kennel attitude by the responsible person breed-wait necessarily (s.o.). With the request on kennel protection three names are to be indicated.
The breed book leader selects the name not protected yet with consideration of the sequence selected by the applicant out. As kennel name is a designation usual in the German linguistic usage to select. In the case of doubt alone the breed book leader decides.
Later changes of the kennel name are not possible. Transmission of the kennel name is permitted only on Familienangeboerige. In such trap the former owner no other name may are protected.
With single entries (s. I number. 3) is a protected kennel name not necessarily, here the surname steps to the place of the kennel name the breeder.
With the request for kennel protection the applicant, Dobermaenner commits itself to breed only according to these breed regulations and into the breed book data processing e.V. register to leave. With the death of the breeder that expires for it protected kennel name, if not an inheritance the transition on itself requests. The transition can of inheriting with requirement only during one period of five years since the death of the breeder by explanation in relation to the breed book place to be caused, if it not already by another entitled one one took up.
The kennel protection for breeders, during the last ten Years no requests set to throw entry, can of that Breed book place to be deleted. A request for continuing of the Kennel protection must be placed in writing.

5. Geneological tables
The geneological tables become from the breed book place data processing e.V. executed. They remain property data processings e.V. and become that respective owner of the dog or other entitled one to faithful Hand over to hands. The breed book place knows at any time the collecting main the geneological table require. The possession right at the geneological table arranges itself according to the legal regulations. With sales of a dog is the geneological table without handing each additional payment to the buyer out.
Each property change must therefore on the geneological table in the appropriate Column to be registered. For the entry that is responsible Salesman. The proof of title must be complete. In Loss turned out geneological tables know for invalidly avowedly become. After publication of the loss of the geneological table into "ours Dobermann ", manufactures the breed book place after careful examination the request a copy out. Time for appeal after publication 4 weeks.
The determined fees are to be paid from the applicant to. Geneological tables from received or in loss dogs turned out instruction that is under Cause of death, etc.. to send in immediately to the breed book place. When desired the invalidly made geneological table is sent back.
For dogs from achievement and/or. Koerzucht become geneological tables also special print Leistungszucht and/or. in other color issued. Those Regulations over the demanded conditions become from the meeting of the members specified.

6. Breeder and breed right
As a breeder of a dog the owner is considered the nut/mother dog at present occupying. Of it are two exceptions possible.
a) renting a dog to the breed and
b) Sales of an occupied dog
To A) The tenant of one Dog is recognized as a breeder, if between owners and tenant a lease is locked the dog and itself of Days of occupying up to the Absaeugen in the safekeeping of the tenant finds. The lease is to be sent before occupying to the breed book place.
To b) With the sales of one occupied dog can the salesman the breed right by contract transfer to the buyer. The contract is the breed book leader at the latest 14 days the prospective throw day ago to the information to give.

7. Blockage the breed book
Members and non-members can the breed book for a certain period or in the long term become closed. .

8. Gebuehrenfestsetzung
The contribution for the use of the breed book by the governing board one determines. The publication takes place in each case in the news sheet data processing e.V.. For users of the breed book, those not that data processing e.V. belongs, becomes a fee, which 200 % over is appropriate for the breed contribution, raised.

II. Breed regulations

The contribution for the use of the breed book by the governing board one determines. The publication takes place in each case in the news sheet data processing e.V.. For users of the breed book, those not that data processing e.V. belongs, becomes a fee, which 200 % over is appropriate for the breed contribution, raised.

1. Conditions for breed
It may only with Dobermaennern bred become, those on a breed fitness examination for zuchtauglich explained are. (s. also I. 1) issued the concerning this Breed fitness examination report of the acting breed judge is a component of the geneological table.
Rueden and owners of dog are equally for the adherence to this regulation responsible. During close in-breeding mating is to be obtained before occupying the permission main breed being width unit. Subject to approval one Mating in data processing e.V. are: Parents x of children, full and half brothers and sisters as well as Grandparents x grandchild.
For Rueden, those to the breed with foreign dogs , must likewise in these regulations the demanded are used Conditions fulfilled its.
The conditions for breed for dogs from the foreign country, of domestic Rueden to be occupied is, depends on that in the entry country of the throw valid regulations.

2. Minimum age
The minimum age for breed animals (Ruede and dog) amounts to at the time of the Deckacktes 18 Months. Dogs may with completion of the 8. Lebensjahres no more for the breed to be used. Rueden can, if the same as can be prove good Vererber are and itself still in good condition conditions, for an unlimited period for the breed to be used.

3. Voucher frequency
A dog may only once within one Period from approximately twelve months to the breed to be used. To mainbreed-wait z can on justified, written request.B. in the case of a conversion of winter on summer throw, written permission for a unique Exception give. The request is a photocopy of the geneological table (front to attach and back). It can a report over the general state the which is applicable dog to be requested.
A conversion of the dog is impossible, if it with the latter Throw were left more than six puppies. Become a dog -ohne Use of a Amme against the breed guidelines more than eight puppies to the raising leave, then it may do only 18 months after the throw day again are occupied and is impossible on lifetime from the conversion.

4. Cover frequency of a Rueden
A Ruede is not often in to short distances for covering to be used. As appropriate maximum number 40 cover document is considered in the year.

5. Maximum number of the puppies which can be drawn up
A healthy and strong dog may be left up to eight puppies to the own raising. stronger throws can further puppies with the help of a Hundeamme are drawn up.
More if than eight puppies are left to the own raising, untertritt 3. Ietzter paragraph fixed regulation in strength. A raising also exclusive artificial naehrmitteln (raising of bottle) is only permitted, if the nut/mother dog gets sick or died and a Hundeamme not is available.
Ammen or raising of bottle is the responsible person breed-waited immediately to announce and particularly supervise from this. (additionally Registration form for Ammenaufzucht). The used Hundeamme must healthy and strongly its, a Widerristhoehe of at least 50 cm and a good nature have. It must at the latest on fifth Day after the birth be available and about at the same time threw. The maximum number of the left puppies applies also to the Ammenaufzucht. Is by special marking the identity to guarantee the puppies. Life-weak, ill, measure-formed or according to the leading regulations surplus (protection of the nut/mother dog) Puppies are to be killed painless.
Removal of color deviations (like z.B. white marks) or those Vornahme of other manipulations lead to the breed exclusion. Appropriate one Statements are like color deviations and other anomalies in the geneological table to note.

6. Delivery of the puppies
The tidy, appropiate raising and accommodation of the puppies must be ensured. A delivery the puppies the respected life week ago is not permitted. They must healthy, in perfect maintenance state, carefully entwurmt, taetowiert and (according to the recommendation of the treating veterinary surgeon) protection-inoculated its. Of the breeder puppies may delivered only with unkupierten ears become. Puppies from close in-breeding can with eight weeks delivered will, it must be however guaranteed that the entire throw assigned approximately six to eight months to mainbreed-wait or one of it Judge to be introduced can. Only after this inspection can over the exhibition of the geneological table and/or. Entry into the breed book decided become. If necessary. Notes in the geneological table.

7. Offences against the breed regulations
With offences against the aforementioned Breed regulations can mainbreed-wait in agreement with the breed committee request appearing punishments at the presidency been suitable. The request the appropriate documentses of evidence are to be attached.

III. Instructions the breed control room

1. Breed control room
All breed control room are functionaries of the main association.

2. Department and regional committee breed control room
The department and regional committee breed control room by the respective arrangement are suggested. They must over appropriate breed experience at the Dobermann race order and in To regional committee-breed-wait rule in co-operation with and/or. To mainbreed-wait been active its (minimum number six complete throw acceptance). Concerning this appropriate recordings are to be led. Only after confirmation by to mainbreed-wait can breed-waited in the respective arrangement become active. To mainbreed-wait the right has to recall breed control room.

3. Consultation of the breeders
The breed control room are the breeders in questions the attitude and breed of the Dobermaenner advise. They have the observance the regulations for the use of the breed book and the breed regulations data processing e.V. to supervise.

4. Inspections
The throws in their have the breed control room To visit range in the first life week and the final inspection also to make about eight weeks. Intermediate inspections can mainbreed-wait of are arranged. The inspections are generally undeclared take place.

5. Final inspection of the throw
With the final inspection of the throw, only after the 7. Life week of the puppies to take place may, has breed-waits from the breeder prepared documents carefully to examine.
The puppies are in the left ear to taetowieren, the used number is to be registered in the application for registration. The throw investigation is from breed-waited according to the given column entries carefully and in detail to fill out.
He has to examine obligation in accordance with and explain that against the throw entry no doubts exist. Further are of To mainbreed-wait for each individual case demanded special determinations and To make collections conscientiously.
Breed-waited may a throw remove only if the ears of the puppies not are kupiert. It has to confirm this in the documents expressly. Further it must confirm breed-waited that it the inoculation passports saw.


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Be careful with those lines you speak of are in the pedigree. I am slowly no longer being green, with the help of this forum and books and internet and talking to people in person. The dog I have is wonderful and is two and a half and I worry it crosses my mind to many times. I will buy differently when ever the time comes hopefully later. The oddest thing is my husband said from the day we got the pup careful with your heart I don't have a good feeling it will be here long, god I hope he's wrong.
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