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this morning i woke up to diarrhea on the floor and blood mixed into it... with some yellowy clear liquid... of course i thought it was prince since he wouldnt leave his crate since last night.. i took prince in and he said that there was an inflammed intestine in prince.... He was so extremely lathargic we couldnt tell.

I get home and Hubby said that Tasneem had diarrhea and there was blood in it. i freaked out again and took her strait into the vet of course... i was so scared there was lots of blood. The vet did a rectal exam and found that there was nothing in her rectum at that time but blood...

he said parvo test... i was so upset.. i didnt know what to do.. i was crying because the thought of my girl being sick.... well the test came back negative... so we are thinking she got bacterial infection from eating bravo raw foods... because that is all she eats and we watch their poop and her intestines were inflammed and there wasnt any worms or parasites... well... no more raw foods.. they are eating merrick Puppy foods or will be they are on prescription meds and prescription foods until their intestines get normal...

After two shots each of penicillin and more penicillin pills they are filling much better and actually have a little life in them... well they have lots... they play and figure like normal now... well just thought i would let you all know what happened today and how much of a scare it was...
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