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Like a said , I'm making this into several parts , the meds me take lots of naps and when they come calling , I have to go LOL and this is just what happened

On the why home I knew I had made the best decision I could have made , you see , Joyce is the Gal that whelped Evie's littler and Joyce and her spent lots of tie together , Well , Joyce spent a lot of time chasing her around : ))

As I was driving home I got to thinking it was Like LG remembered where she was - or the -I remember this , Could they ?

I pulled into the drive way and guess who was there waiting to greet me ??? If you guessed Mr. B , your right , LOL He was happy to seen me - it had been over 3 hours since we were together - LOL You know , He never once looked for LG - Never checked the house , nothing , he was a happy boy ! He ran and got his ball and he was ready to go ! He told me what I Suspected - He was happy that mean little sister was not bugging him .

Now the plot thickens !

I left for the hospital very early Monday and by noon I was in my room with a shiny new piece of Titanium for a knee , I feel pretty dang good , so I called home , Misses could not believe I sounded that good on the phone , I asked about my little buddy , She said he is sad ! Has laid on the end of the couch and won't go out , nothing ! I told her she needs to try and get him out , she did and now is laying at the end of the patio looking at the drive , like he is waiting for me - me and LG , anybody to pull back in : ))

In the mean time - I called Joyce checking on LG , Joyce said she fit right in and no problems ! No problems ?? lol Then later my phone dinged , it was a picture from Joyce and a short video . The picture is so Evie , trying to get into Joyces Husbands lap and the video taking care of Business - there was a neighbor walking out to his car and she didn't think he should be there and let him know with her deep for a female voice - lol

Well Now I have one sad one and one happy one with no problems - that is really good news

I was in the hospital for several days and the boredom was not Kadin's cup of tea , Wife said it's like he is thinking , things weren't that bad , and he was now looking for his sweet little sister .

I had planned and planned for this short little vacation , I talked to some of my high level friends on here and Dobermans United , I felt bad for having to more lor less board her , I had failed in her training , yet it was hard to do with Covid and a bad knee , I told Mr.B when I was walking out the door to head to the hospital , Our new adventure starts today , today for all of us , back on the road or him and Evie .

The first night back home , Boy did I have a happy boy ! But he knew something was wrong and never pushed it jumping on me , I spent and went to lay down , all was good till later that night , Me B was flipping the door handle to come in with me , he can do this but this door fits tighter so then what ? I heard him circle around then flop up against the door , I have no idea how long he slept there - he has did that 3 nights in a row , now he just tells me good night and goes to his bed ..

More to come later
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