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took some fun pictures of Gus at he off-leash park! his puppy side REALLY came out, and there were no other dogs but he enjoyed himself anyway




I'm caaraaazy


"who do ya love?"

at first i didn't get it...

then i lol'ed

gimme a kiss! oh no wait there's mud on your nose



all legs!

Play dead!

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Wow, nice park, wonderful, expressive pictures of Gus and great captions!
If I took pictures at the park of Spock all the captions would be the same:

"What are you waiting for? Throw the damn Frisbee, already!"

Spock has a variation of the Play Dead trick, I say a drawn out "A l p h a..." and he rolls over on the ground and gets a big belly scratch as a reward! He'll do anything for food and almost anything for a good "scratchy-scratch"! :p
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