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Pad Wound

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Looking for some help.

Max gets a wound one of his pads on his front right foot when we take him for a walk or fun camp.

It would be between his big toe & the main foot pad. The wound is on the pad on his big toe.

Also, it doesn't get a chance to heal or callous because he licks it all the time after he breaks it open.

We have a friend that has a Boxer & they have the same problem. Just like Max, Udo gets it one just one pad on one foot.

Any ideas on how to get over this?

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My aussie had a pad wound also when we got him, his was bad enough that he had to get a little of the pad removed and stitches though. But after it was stitched, we used saline bags with the bottom cut open, then cut little slits around the bottom part that was cut open, (hard to explain, I'll try to give you a visual). We then put his foot into the bag, and used gauze and wound it through the holes thereby we could tie it shut. (vet's idea) Since it was a heavier plastic then say a plastic ziploc bag, he didn't chew through it and it was durable. And we got him in Nov (about 5 years back) but the weather was wet and muddy, so it kept his foot dry and unbothered so it would heal and got plenty of air.

Another idea (maybe much easier, depending on the severity of the cut) is to first cleanse and disinfect the wound, and then apply a skin adhesive (liquid band-aid). I've used this for minor cuts and abrasions on the feet that just never seem to heal because of the constant action they receive. Possibly if it isn't actually bleeding he might leave it alone.
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It never bleeds. It's more like a scab that keeps getting pealed off. It always seems like he gets it when it is either very hot, or very cold. Like his paw is sticking to the pavement.
My Vet tells me her Dobies chew thier feet, too. She feels it's a "Dobie Thing". Mavis does the same thing from time to time, although I haven't noticed a connection with hot or cold weather. Sometimes she chews off BIG chunks of her pad, and of course, she won't leave it alone after that. We've missed out on a bunch of hikes because the night before she decides to chew one of her feet.

When it gets bad enough it needs to be covered, I use gauze, and then wrap it up in a flexible-breathable bandage called "Vet-Wrap". I get it at the Horse Store, and it comes in snazzy colors. I'm lucky, she doesn't seem to want to chew it off, because she could very easily. When it's time to go outside, I put her bad foot, bandage and all, in a "dog shoe", like the ones we carry when hiking. For dog shoes, check out

Lexus, I've never tried Nu-Skin. I know what it is, I used to work in a Bowling Alley and we sold a bunch of that. Back in the days when I was a bartender, I always had a tube of SuperGlue with me in case I got a small cut on my hand. You know how that stuff sticks to your skin? I've never tried it on Mavis, however I've thought about it. I'm afraid her tongue might get stuck to her foot. What I usually do is clean up her affected foot, then apply some Sour-Apple smelling stuff called "Stop Chew". That usually works for Mavis.
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SamHayne said:
It never bleeds. It's more like a scab that keeps getting pealed off. It always seems like he gets it when it is either very hot, or very cold. Like his paw is sticking to the pavement.
Ooo, sorry I thought it was something recent... hey those boots that Chaz mentioned are a good idea!
I have always found that the liquid/spray-on bandage works good. It comes in handy at the dog park when something like this happens. I am not sure if bitter apple or bitter orange would help with the licking part.....
we'll try to boots.
Max has a very nice bed from Ruff Wear, so I know they have good products.
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