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joie de vivre
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Cypress was entered last weekend Fri-Sun (June 4-6) at a local show with a small Dobe entry and it was my first time ever showing in conformation (outside of drop-in handling classes). She showed with a handler a month ago and she was competitive, picking up her first RWB to a major. I've been interested in showing her myself, so I picked this show to see if we could pull it off or if we would be a mess together under pressure. hahaha

She was great all weekend and showed very well for me. On Saturday, she was awarded another RWB, owner-handled! (WB was Kansa's Bedlam in Belgium, handled by Erin Criqui.) It was a small class of 4 bitches but the judge, Michael Canalizo, was very complimentary of her and encouraging. He said we are very smooth together, that she has nice, fluid movement, and she's a very pretty bitch and he predicts that we'll do well together.

The highlight really might have been that he complimented her movement - I've put in a considerable amount of effort trying to figure out how to move her. All I can say is, the pro's truly make it look easier than it is...particularly when you've already trained your dog in precision heeling and then decide to give conformation handling a whirl. 馃槃

Anyway. No points yet, but it's the encouragement I needed to think that maybe we can do this together. It's enough for me to at least keep trying.

I didn't manage to get any pics of us in the ring but here's a cell phone pic taken after the show yesterday.


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Congratulations! I know, showing a dog looks easy (just trot around the ring right?) until you try to do it.

I predict I would be the first person ever (I'm sure it's happened before, but I would definitely be in that elite group) to be concentrating so hard on my dog I would either run into the wall, or trip and go down, or worst, I suppose, crash into the judge.

The long show crop is not my favorite look in a dobe, but hers really compliments her head well. I like her look.

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Mr. Business gave her 2 thumbs up ! : )))

Anyway - Never look back and keep going forward ! You two will be winners --- I said so :))

She is pretty ! VERY pretty .

I will let you off with only a verbal warning for NO show pictures , LOL Lets just don't make a habit of it !

Congrats and I'm with Mel - LOL - I would run into the wall also : ))))

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You did it. Congratulations. RWB to a major is great. It can only get better and it will.
I am going to step out and show, Belle, my Poodle in a show this month and even though have shown for a good long time, I have never shown a Poodle and I am a little terrified.
I am going to start in UKC and see if I can hack the grooming part. Going to try and not make a fool of myself or Belle. "I can't hear her say, Mom, no one wears bangs anymore."

joie de vivre
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Thanks, everyone! It was a lot of fun and I'm really looking forward to more shows with her.

Also, I will totally admit that the performance sport competitor in me couldn't help but notice what fantastic environmental exposure it was and I took a small advantage it! We were there for a few hours, tons of dogs and people, going in the ring alone and in groups, just that kind of overall bustling environment that training can never quite replicate. So, I did the unthinkable (for some conformation people) and we worked some of her obedience ringside while we waited (sit stays, down stays, finishes, and heeling). haha

Melbrod - Can you believe that Cypress has the "short" crop in her litter?! 馃槅 Really, she does. The full length of her ear was cropped but her ears weren't as long as her littermates. But I do love her crop and I admit that I wasn't bothered at all to have a relatively shorter crop to deal with!

Cressrb - Good luck in the Poodle ring!!!!! And good for you for going for it! I've really enjoyed all of the UKC shows I've attended (spectator only, here). It seems really welcoming and fun. The grooming commitment to showing a Poodle is nothing short of breathtaking. I'll be excited to hear how it goes, so I hope you'll update DT about your experience!

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Way to go! Really proud of you and Cy!
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