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Orson's very first Christmas!

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He loves all the excitement!
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Well Orson is the center of the universe, you know...and he is surprisingly well-behaved by my standards, being that close to paper and boxes...OMG here that would be sensory overload and just a blur on film. Looks like Orson thinks Santa did a pretty darn good job and he is on the "approved" list for a revisit! Merry First Christmas, Orson!
Ha my lot would have had all that paper shredded!!he is much better behaved than the girls.
What a handsome boy! Java got short-changed by Santa this year, compared to her first Christmas. I quickly learned the short life span of stuffies last year, and some of the other toys didn't fare much better. So instead she got treats, etc. in her stocking and may even get a bone from last night's prime rib to knaw on. Oh, I did give her a little slice of last night's apple pie....I know, keep it up and she'll lose her figure...
Oh he looks so happy with all the paper and boxes..
He looks like a happy dog. I would never be able to get that picture. I'm with the nothing but a blur statement.
Soooooo cute and what a great shiny coat!!!

I got no presents this year. When asked, I told everyone to get only presents for Yogi. After all, a present for him is equally a present for me. He got bowls, leashes, chew toys, crate bedding, doggie tags with funny sayings......all kinds of great stuff.

So what all did Orson get????
Now that looks like a happy dobie! Heheh, glad that he had a good one, hope you did too!! :D
Yogi said:
So what all did Orson get????
Well from mom and dad he got a new toy, he is holding it in his paws in the picture. Paternal grandparents got him some treats, maternal grandparents got more toys, son's girl friend brought busy bones & biscuits. I think he may have raked in more than me!

Side note for all who thinks he is well behaved................LOLOLOLOLOLHEHEHEHEHE RIIIIIGHT!!

There is a BIG difference in being behaved and pooooooped out! :)
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