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Orson won't eat kibble today!

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Yesterday (Christmas) we had a houseful of guests for Christmas dinner. Orson of course was present, so most of the guests gave him turkey for various tricks/commands, or just because. "It's Christmas" I thought, and he deserves a treat too and it's good food not junk.
Well this morning he turned his nose up at his kibble (chicken soup).
He is hungry and searching hi and low for food, but he won't eat his breakfast, which he normally finishes within 15-20 minutes and then goes out for # 2 potty. This is going to mess up his schedule that I worked hard to accomplish!
Should I wait him out?
He is pretty stubborn when his mind is made up and I don't want to think he is going hungry.
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Thank you guys/girls for your advice, it's hard to think he is hungry but I know you are right. I am holding out as long as I can!

It's dinner time and he picked at a couple of bites, then he looks at me like "you expect me to eat this slop?" and then he started pacing the kitchen, sniffing towards the counters and along the cupboard line on the floor. I know he is not sick, he is playing fine and wants to eat..........he just doesn't want to eat what is in his bowl. I am giving him 15 more minutes to change his mind and eat what is in the bowl, if not..............well it's a loooong time til breakfast!
Victory is MINE!
(I have always wanted to say that) He ate his breakfast this morning down to the last piece, and even one that was dropped on the floor! It really bothered me knowing that he went to bed hungry and honestly I was going to cave this morning, BUT HE CAVED FIRST :dancing_b
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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