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So glad to hear that she is doing ok.

There is a lady at our DP who my husband was talking to last week that went on vacation with her daughter and their 4 dogs: Dobie, Weim, and 2 dashaunds. One of the dashaunds got a hold of a bottle of prescription anti-depressants and ate about 14 of them. They called their vet back home and was advised to give me charcoal to absorb anything that has not already bee absorbed. And when they got home they did blood work to make sure no damage to the kidneys or liver. So far so good. This made me think that we really need to make an emergency kit for Titus and Jada so I am going to put together a kit that could be used in case of emergency and put a list of phone numbers in it as well. I told my husband that we will put it in a tote so that it can travel with us as well.

I hope that she continues to do well!
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