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There seems to be a lot of people here from Ontario.

I am involved with Doberman rescue here in Ontario, and I send around a weekly-ish Ontario Doberman rescue update by e-mail.

I was wondering if the Ontario people would like to contact me privately so they can be added to my update recipient list?
[email protected]

I look at this way -- you may not have any interest in acquiring a new Doberman at this time. But maybe one day you will be, and you'll have the knowledge of what is going on in Doberman rescue here at any given time. Also, when you're out in public with your Doberman, if you're anything like me, I'm sure you run into people who are admiring your dog and may be talking about getting one and if you're in the know about rescue efforts here, you may very well be able to steer someone towards a deserving rescue Doberman.

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Hi Mary

That is such a great idea, I have noticed we are getting more & more people from Ontario as well.

I am already on the list and get your email every week..Before I picked up Damien , Mel and I looked at Drayko, but in the end are situation was not the best fit for him.He was a very high strung doberman and probably would of drove my poor Macy bonkers..
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