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One More New Collar

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After seeing the nice, new collars *******, Roxy, Gaston and the others are sporting, I remembered I needed to get busy and piece together the parts I gathered up to make Mensa a new collar.

Seeing how this was the first Sunday in a long time there wasn't Football, and I didn't know what to do without it, I figured this would be as good a day as any.

It went together a little easier than I had anticipated, but I see some things I'll do different next time.

I got most of the pieces from these guys:
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VERY nice Chaz! Great Work! You made that from scratch? Im impressed!
I like that a lot Chaz. It turned out beautiful. When are you starting to take orders? :thumbs-up
Hey DD you took my line!! I love it chaz..........put up a price list, and I'll send in my order too! You spell it..... O- R- S- O- N.............hahahahaha (or R-O-T-T-E-N works too)
Here's the parts list:

Simple, really.

Basicly just a matter of stamping holes in the right places, and dyeing the leather black.

At about $50 for the whole shebang, don't look for me to go into business slapping these things together.

But Mensa has a birthday coming up, and she's been real good, so I think she's worth it.
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Oh no! Another hobby opportunity.

Seriously, thanks for posting the links. I've been unhappy with the collars we have for one reason or another. Nothing, like DIY.
WOW that is so nice! I can't watch! cause I have school now and I already have enoug hobbies to distract me lol!

But Mensa has a birthday coming up, and she's been real good, so I think she's worth it.
She already has a birthday coming up!!!!!!!! time goes so fast!
WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! tHAT is the best collar I have ever seen. How long to put together?
WOW Chaz that is superb,you need to go into production :) there is a big market out there starting with all the members here.Now here is the spelling M-I-S-C-H-A and T-I-A etc,etc HAHA :).
Very nice Chaz, how will ******* ever keep up with collars like that?? Chaz do you know Tandy carries a tool to make the edges of the collar smooth. I have one and it just finishes the collar nicely, and is very easy to use.
Acooper said:
Hey DD you took my line!!
Sorry! Beat you to the punch. I would love have personalized collars like that. Mine wouldn't turn out as nice as what Chaz makes. Somehow the letters would be all crooked and probably misspelled. I lack in the detail department.:lala:
That collar is awesome!!!! Yes I think you need to start taking our orders. That would be: GASTON & ROXY!!!!!!!

It took about two hours to slap together. (not including the time I spent trying to find a screwdriver tiny enough for the screws on the backs of the letters)

Thanks, Okie-Dobie. I'll check out the local Tandy Leather Shop and get one of those. I always thought such a tool existed, but I don't know what it's called. The catalog isn't much help.

I think my next project will be a harness. I need to make one custom designed to hold one of those flashing red lights you see on the back of bicycles for our night-time walks. The leather folks have a bunch of parts for making horse tack. Doberman "tack" can't be much different.
Wow thats brilliant!! And Mensa looks fab in it :)
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