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Old girl at our local shelter

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There is an old girl named Brandy at our local shelter. La Porte is not a huge city (population less than 30,000) and most of the time they have cats with just a few dogs.

She is 8, and it says she hasn't had a wonderful life up til now. They will be closed until Tuesday so I can't go see her.
I hesitated to email them because Orson is so crazy right now, but I went ahead anyway.
I let them know that we would be willing to foster until she is placed. I hate the idea of her 'couped' up in that little shelter............I know Orson would go stark raving mad!
I have no idea if she is ok around other pets or kids, the description really doesn't say much. So now it's just waiting until Tuesday to find out more.

Here is her link.

She just looks so darn sad :(
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That is so kind of you. I'm sure that Brandy will really appreciate not be held up in a shelter cage until a home is found for her. And maybe being socialized with Orson will make finding her a home easier. Let us know how it goes.
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