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If it is in writing, you may be out of luck

CasualSeks said:
The Area we live in, is a Restricted Area, The person who makes the rules happened to drive by yesterday, and Kyro ran towards her, be minded he's only about 50lbs right now. (still a Pup) and was wagging his stubby tail, he was maybe out of the yard for 15 seconds. I called him home. She wrote us a Letter telling us to get our doberman out. because he ran up to her barking... Kyro didnt bark so thats the biggest load ive heard, because I was out there. So i wrote a letter explaining that he isnt a "Doberman" hes a "german Pinscher" lol (he's small enough to pass right now) ....
WHat really erks me is that there are German Shepard and Labs in the neighborhood, but no DObes?! ...Im So very angry right now :mad:
We'll move before we give up Ky. :emo8:

If it is in writing that Dobes are not allowed, then you may be out of luck. I feel bad for anyone in that situation, and I certainly don't agree with those kinds of regulations, but if you knew it was there and willfully ignored it than you really don't have a legal leg to stand on. You might want to start looking for housing. Be aware that most rentals won't rent to the blacklisted breeds. It is because their insurance does not cover those breeds.... and so the cycle begins.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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