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He is absolutely adorable. Having a great personality and liking his crate endears them even more. Count yourself very lucky. I, on the other hand, have a <3 mo terror. Can scream longer and louder than any pup I've ever know when she even looks at the crate.

Love the photos.

Our Amy hated the crate as a baby to...nothing like the relentless winning, of a the dog-on.
(I remember how bad I felt, locking her crate door & she would go into her acting)
Two years ago - after Vet surgery, she cried for a whole shift straight,,,while on IV...until they let me take her home early.

Plus ThkU o0 sHaDoWoLf 0o - I never get enough, of the unique pics. of Odin and reading the little stories.
- keep them coming / only a puppy once - really helps us DT members who are puppy less, for the time being
(something I miss dearly, puppy training is an exciting time for me / our senior girl just to jealous to share Dads love though)
1 - 2 of 73 Posts
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