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Attended a show at the Northern Dobermann Club today and little miss Mischa won her class:dancing_b + she was really well behaved,is she going to follow Tia down the Cruft's Road ? watch this space!!
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WooHoo, Congrats to Brum and the monster puppy!!!!
Huge Congratulations to Mischa and Brum.. I'm sure this is a start of a long and joyous career
Way to go!

And you said she was a Troublemaker.
That is just wonderful. Congratulations! You must be so very proud! :)
Atta girl, Mischa! No doubt she's headed to Crufts... Congrats, Brum and to you both a hearty, "Excellent job"!!!!
GREAT NEWS! (on the behaved part :)) The win is fabulous too! :)
Congrats Brum and Mischa! Great News! She should get an extra special treat for that.
Congrats Brum and Mischa!
Awesome Brum!! At the risk of sounding like Pete and Repeat here, where are the pics of my girl!!!
Great to hear. Congratulations! Do you handle her in the ring?

My daughter is just starting out in Juniors. We attended a practice match on Saturday and had a great time. I wish I could get some decent pictures of her and Lena in the ring. My wife and I have to hide to keep Lena on task. I did get a couple of pictures on our way into the club.


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:dancing_b Congrats Brum and of course Mischa. Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps4570 said:
Great to hear. Congratulations! Do you handle her in the ring?
Yeah owner handler,thats me!My dogs would win more if i let someone else handle!
WooHooo!!!! Huge congrats to both of you!! :fireworks:fireworks:fireworks
Well done Mischief :dancing_b :boldblue: :dancing_b :boldblue: :dancing_b
Congrats to the both of you!!!! :)
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