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Normal behavior?

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Stella is becoming very protective of me, like even against my family, i took her to my grandparents house this weekend and she barked at the small children when they ran too close to me and she was overly cautious of anyone who got close, i had to take her home because i was afraid she would bite someone, i never have had this problem before, i even take her to the neighborhood pub on occasion and she has always been friendly with strangers who want to pet her. at home she is still normal, never is aggressive toward me or the cat, she runs around and sleeps on the couch or on her pillow in the closet, could there be something wrong?

thanks to all
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The children could have made her nevous. Is she use to children especially running around? How was your reaction towards her when she barked? Did you let her know that her behavior was not appropriate? One really good thing to do is have one at a time come up to her with a treat. After a while she will think little kids are treat machines.
i dont have any kids but she responds good to my friends kids when they come to my house, i took her for a walk and she calmed down but as soon as we came back in the back yard she started barking at them again, she had her ears up the whole time and she was standing at attention, she usually just keeps them down and gallops around, my aunts are afraid of her and wouldnt let the kids give her food...
Barking at kids is not normal. You say she is three? Has she had a recent good vet check-up? What are her thy. levels?
It is always good to check the thyroid, but that would not totally explain the change in attitude from walking then back at the Aunt's house. I think that there is a huge difference from when friends kids come and visit your home versus kids running around in a place Stella is not as familiar with.

Maybe a good test would be to walk her on leash to a park with a playground and see how she reacts when kids run by. Also I am sure she can sense some of your aunts weariness towards Stella.
I think you should do some obedience work with her if you haven't already. it can make a world of difference
And if you were a little anxious because your Aunts are afraid of her she could have sensed your energy. I say this as I am a little anxious when the smaller kids(neices and nephews) come over. I am just nervous that Titus will get a little too hyper and knock when of them over and he has picked up on my energy. Try and make an effort to be more confident and less anxious and see if that helps as well as the other suggestions.
thank you all for the advice!
Just bumping this up - it sounds like Stella is possibly underexercised and definitely undertrained - so she is taking things into her own hands. She's stealing what she wants, determining who is and is not allowed near, etc.

Get her in training! Stop her from stealing food, and train her! I would start Nothing In Life is Free (NILIF - , , )

Sounds simply like she has no direction in her life - so she makes her own!
Training is the best suggestion. A correction collar, possibly a halti. No barking st children should be allowed. EVER. Good Luck.
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