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Normal behavior for a Dobe ?

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After I pick Buddy up and put him in the car no he will still not jump into the car???, if he sees someone walking close to the car he will growl should I say anything to him either way. I'm an Older female so not too unhappy about this I always tell my dogs to watch the car if I run into a store. Always park where I can watch the car do not want anyone to harass or try to take the dogs.
He has been somewhat freaked out since the neighbor was on the roof next door putting up Christmas lights. Buddy was barking at the guy had his hair up really watching him.Next morning found a cigarette butt on the Patio, so told my husband about it he said the guy next door throws his butts onto the cement. I really got upset asked my husband to talk to the guy do not want Buddy to be more upset by this guy if the guy is throwing butts at him or even near him.Buddy will be 7 months old on the 28th of this month.
We also have a 6 ft privacy fence you would think the guy would figure out PRIVACY fence means we do not want stuff in our yard.??? Plus of course we have dry leaves in the back yard would be terrible to have a fire.Because of his butts Oklahoma has allot of wind sometimes.
Patches Mom
PS: This guy talks to my husband and the guy has been in prison before so since my husband has a good relationship thought it would be better if he talked to the guy???
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I wouldnt worry about the not jumping thing, Rommel wouldnt jump into my car without help until he was about 7 months old, and he wouldnt jump on my bed until he was about 9 months old! Really I would rather have him not jumping....that way he isnt hurting himself.

As for the growling in the car...Rommel does the same thing. He doesnt even like people walking past the car. I personally don't correct him for it, I think it's kind of up to you, whether it is acceptable or not. For is, It doesnt bother me. It annoys alot of people though.

I think it is a good idea to have your husband talk to your neighbor. Hopefully it was an accident that it wound up in your backyard, if he was on the roof and flicked it and it caught the wind, it could have wound up there. But if it happens alot, I would for sure say something.
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People just do not think sometimes, and if you approach them using a non-threatening or accusatory tone of voice, they generally co-operate. It's all in the delivery.

Java will growl on occasion if she feels someone is too close to the car, but more often than not, she is happy to just curl up and nap. At least she isn't like some dogs that practically throw themselves against the car window to get at a passerby.
Thanks for the input do not want Buddy lunging at people but a growl does not hurt especially now days with so many weird people about.It is funny when we first got Buddy the first week I would say he would bark if someone came to the door. Patches would not bark at anything now Patches barks Buddy does not. Buddy does bark in the back yard sometimes a little too much so I go out tell him that is enough,as soon as I go back in he starts up again.
A neighbor just got a 17 week old pup hopefully when the pup is older the pup & Buddy can play together more exercise for both of them.
Patches mom
A neighbor just got a 17 week old pup hopefully when the pup is older the pup & Buddy can play together more exercise for both of them.
that would make them the same age right? as long as the pup is comfortable and settled in his new home...they should be able to play with each other now? Don't ya think?...I don't know...what breed is the puppy? I would think if they play more when they are puppies still...they will be more likely to play better when they are older...
lol careful though haha...Duchess grew up close with My boyfriends Golden retriever and they played hard...wrestling...chasing...body slams...mouthy...chewbacca noises loudly coming from duch! lol and it goes on forever as long as they are together! haha. but in the afterwards...its nice to have a tired puppy!!!! :)
Sounds like to me Buddy is just doing what comes natural to a dobe on the growling issue.
Neighbor has a 17 week old Black & Rust Doberman puppy he is really cute but he just got him so he needs to bond with the new owner & grow some before Buddy & he might be able to play together.Buddy will be 7 months old on the 28th & the pup is 4 mos.old big difference in size and Buddy is big.Do not want Buddy to hurt the pup.Gave the Neighbor this forum address so he may join use to have a Boxer.
Patches Mom
brumwolf said:
Sounds like to me Buddy is just doing what comes natural to a dobe on the growling issue.
Exactly! :win2k:
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