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No exercise for 4 dys, enough is enough...pic

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I have had my butt kicked by this stupid cold. I took three days off of work and for two of those days slept almost continually. Yesterday I was more awake but still down for the count. Eli was great however me being in bed for so long took it's toll. Yesterday morning he kept putting his ball in my bed. I got up to get some water and asprin and grabbed the camera...

This morning I will take him to the park. ;) He will be soooo happy...

Mom? Remember this...:

Mom? You do know how we love this ball right?

Will this jar your memory?:
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haha, glad your feeling better. Bet he will tear up the park with all that pent up energy :D
Awe, he wants you to feel better. :)
Aww... how adorable is that? Sorry you've been sick. Feel better!
That's so sweet--Capri usually paws me gently and then puts her elbows in my tummy on her way to staring at me solicitously from above. Then she looks so miserable I HAVE to pet her--until SHE gets tired of it. *sigh*
Hope you are feeling better. Those pics are too cute!! Wishing him a GREAT DAY at the PARK!!
Aren't they just the greatest at making you feel so loved and missed when you're sick? He wants you to feel better! what a sweetheart.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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