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Nikita visits Senior Home

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A few months ago, we had to move the sudo wife's Aunt to an Assisted Senior Living Community. When she lived with us, she just adored Nikita. So on our weekly visits, Nikita joined us to visit her and the residence. Well now its become a weekly ritual for her to go visit everyone. Its been great paractice as we work towards our TDI, the residences and the staff have just fallen all over her and Nikita can't help but pay it back.

Its amazing how this breed just responds to people. Just today, one of the residence made a break through. Everytime we were there, she was scared of dogs and made it known to me and of course I would limit Nikitas activity to her. But today she let Nikita smell her and all of a sudden, she couldn't stop petting her. I gave her a few of Nikita's treat and she was feeding her. She was so excited over this that we took some pictures of the outing.

Nikita in the lobby area....

Nikita with one of the residence

They just suck the energy out of her when she's there....

Another happy residence with Nikita

Here's the Sudo Aunt with Nikita

Another with the Sudo Aunt, the Sudo Wife and Nikita in the tea room

Just thought I'd share of what these dogs can do, but you already know this.....
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This is one of things I want to do with my dobe, I was visting nursing homes with my Shiz tzu Bandit but her eye sight has gotten very poor and it is a little scary for her. I think that's great, Nikita looks like she really enjoys it !
Awwwh I'm so happy for you Kratty! I love the pics! They are real keepers!

Lexus has her TDI, but right after we got cerified was when my MIL fell ill, and that went on for about 4 months, then the holidays were here, so I wanted to start going after the holidays. I have an assisited living residence 5 minutes away from me, but after approaching the managers about it, at first they were great, "Oh we want another great dog in here since the last one left, I went on and on about her behavior and calmness, I even had the daughter of one of then nurses there with me (friend of mine) ranting and raving about her, then she asked what kind of dog it was and the brakes went on, big time.

So now I'm working on her and the fact that "dobermans, rottie, pits" are not maneaters. Since those were the breeds she named that she's not comfortable around. Wish me luck to be able to share some success stories of my own soon :)
Thats really awesome it makes such a big difference most people have no idea the pictures were super to
Oh thats awesome! I would love to do that with Duchess! Nakita looks like she does an awesome job! I love the pics! all the seniors look so happy!
Good show Kratty, just shows me what i thought about Niki in the first place was right,she is a top girl.
Lexus you should show the pics of Niki to the managers of the ALR then they will see just how good a dobe can be,i'm sure Lexi will be a top dog also.
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Awesome pics, Kratty :)

She is a great ambassador for our breed! I'm sure you're very proud of her :)
Aww. I love the pictures. I would love to get Gracie her TDI but I don't see that happening until she is a little older and more calm. She would try to play tug a war with all of them. Lol.

Nikita is such a good dober girl. I love the picture of her passed out on the floor. :)
Thanks everyone, She sure does make me feel proud....We have made about 12 visits so far, and each time gets better and better. The residences really enjoy her coming to see them. Each time we seem to draw more residence than the last visit. Most of the residence have no preconceptions of the breed anymore. They are just happy to see a nice dog that pays attention to them.

On a funny note. We get the same questions each time and usually numerous times when we are there, so we always have something to talk about.

A typical conversation (I can't make this stuff up.)

Lady 1: Whats his name?
Kratty: This is Nikki, she's a girl.
Lady 1: Nikki, she's pretty. How old is she?
Kratty: She <insert current age in years>.
Lady 2: Thats <current months> old.
Kratty: Yes.
Lady 3: She's beautiful...
Lady 1: Beautiful dog, Whats his name?
Kratty: This is Nikki, she's a girl.
Lady 1: Nikki, she's pretty. How old is she?
Kratty: She <insert current age in years>.
Lady 2: Thats <current months> old.
Kratty: Yes.
Lady 3: She's beautiful...
(repeat as necessary)

All in the course of 5 minutes....

The staff on the other hand is finally warming up to her. Most of them would panic when she first got there, but now they see her doing her OB work and are completely amazed how good she is with the residence. They are now starting to come over and say hi to her too.

Our last obstacle are the residence's family. Its hit or miss with them. When they first see her, its the normal crap of "Does she bite?" But once they see her with the residence and how she gets with posing for pictures, I get alot of questions from them of how good she is. We were there once, when they brought in some theraphy dogs, which I felt bad aout the overlapping, but one of the handlers came over and did an evalution of Nikki and ran her through soe of the paces. She concluded that Nikki would make an excellant Theraphy dog, which made me so happy....

And the best thing about the visits, is that Nikki leaves totally exhausted. An hour there is like 3 hours of playing fetch. She will sleep for hours after a visit. It really takes the energy out of her....So in the end, I think everyone benefits from this.....
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lol thats funny! haha
the first time we took Duchess to the vet when she was a puppy the people at the desk said she would make a great therapy dog. I would love to do something like that with Duchess...maybe to a childrens hospital...and other places...but Duchess is still only a year and 10 months...she is very calm...but when she gets excited about seeing someone she jumps up on their lap and gives the hard wet kisses (atleast this is when they come to our house)...At the petstore when kids pet her she is very calm...we have her sit and then the kids crouch down to her level and pet her face while looking at her and then if she hasnt already we will tell her "kiss" and she will give them a kiss....then we will tell the kids to say "Paw"...and she will give them her paw...or other stuff like speak...Usually if the kids don't know the stereotype of Dobermans...than they are never scared of her...but some are weary.

Is Nikita always calm around people that come to your house that she knows well? My chiropractor allows me to bring Duchess to my appointments...she goes in the rooms with me...and one room has a bunch of beds and she will crawl under them...and sometimes she will slowly put her front paws up on my bed so that she is kinda standing next to me. I keep her on her leash when others are in there...but my chiropractor lets her wonder off leash if im the only one there....

It sounds like you all have so much fun! Do you give copies of the pictures to the seniors? That would be cute if you got little frames as a present to them so that they can have a picture of themselves with their favorite doggy! and display it on their nightstands!
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:) Okay Kratty I've concluded from looking at your pics and hearing your conversation with the residents, that you need to head out to your local pet store and buy Nikita a pretty pink collar and leash!!! The blue is gender-confusing and not for a delicate flower such as herself :)
Lexus, You are probably right about that....but I can't bring myself to a pink one...Maybe somewhere inbetween, like one with ladybugs on it or like that...We get that alot when we are out, Everyone thinks she's a male. The sudo misses doesn't like when I respond with,"But she doesn't have a penis." anymore. Doesn't think its funny....
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