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Nice picture

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I just thought I would share this picture, I think it kinda cool looking.
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That is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Perhaps you should consider photography instead of landscaping LOL That is a very beautiful photo Okie!
That is a very nice picture.

Thanks for posting it.
That is very arty indeed,you need to keep your eye open for a photography contest and enter that in it,she looks beautiful in her role as sentry.
That is a VERY cool picture indeed! I love the pictures of them looking off in the distance.
Thanks it's probably not the best picture of *******, she is kinda standing a little weird. But overall I think it is a neat shot. It was taken yesterday up north on a snowmobile trail. I stopped to listen if any were coming and this was the result. waiting: I will enter it, I will have to check if there is a catogory for it though. Thanks for posting the website. :)
very nice!
you need to keep your eye open for a photography contest and enter that in it
thats what i was thinking too! otherwise maybe you can submit it to a doberman calendar or a dog photo book :) I see one at borders and I think a member got a photo published in dogs 24/7
really sooo beautiful
That is a great picture, thank you for sharing!
Well the funniest thing happened today, I went up to my local Global Pet foods. They have watched ******* grow up since she was an 8 week old pup. Anyway's I have got to know one of the girls there pretty good and she just loves *******. I brought the picture up, framed, but in black & white. She loved it so much she bought it from me!!! Haha!! She says she has a wall just of dog pictures. Anyways here's what it looked like.
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Love the shot! That should be next year's Xmas card!
I have to tell you WOW. I just love that picture. I am not lying when I tell you that when I saw that picture my mouth just dropped. I am always told by people at work that I should get into photography because I have a tendacy to get just the right spur of the moments shots but I have to say that is probably one of the best spur of the moment shots that I have ever seen. GREAT JOB! I am so jealous of your framed pic of *******. What a wonderful treasure to have! :)
Well thank you very much tjmom!! I find it's very easy to photograph the doberman. But I can pick that picture apart...even though I love it. A) She is standing funny. B) I wish she did not have her collar on. C) There is something funny standing out from under her chest area. D) One ear is thin, the other is thick!! Other than that I like the I set alot of my pictures up, even this one. Yes it is spur of the moment but I always have my camera ready, I just find dobes always pose so nice!! After I put the photo in the frame and took it up to the store I was kinda wanting to keep it. I got the frame and matting for $20.00, printed the picture for about $1.00 and sold it for $55.00!! I just was happy that she wanted *******'s picture in her living room!! :)
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