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Hi all! I never had a dog before last year (always had small animals growing up)... My fiance got us a pug when i moved into the apartment with him. She is so funny, smart (but stubborn) and just puts a smile on my face constantly. We moved into a house at the end of 2011 and now have plenty of room (5 acres actually). My fiance has been speaking of getting a doberman since he always wanted one from childhood. We are in a rural area and he thinks that its a good idea to have a doberman for protection. Not worried about that kind of thing but it cannot hurt either. lol

We are 2 weeks away from bringing our first doberman home. My fiance went and put a deposit on one last month and I just learned that on the 17th we can bring him home. I feel like a kid. I know the pug will love another dog in the house since she always tries to play with the cat which does not end well for the pug. She definitely needs a big little brother.

That is about it. Just felt that I should join the site since I already lurk and read various topics as a "guest".
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