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Welcom to DT

Welcome to DT and welcome to Diesel. Yes puppies are babies and they expend tons of energy then need to recoup. I do not recommend any puppy food or additivies at this age except for Vitamin C and fish oil definitely no calcium for a young growing puppy. Because they do grow so fast anything that accelerates that grow can create problems later in both bones and joints. So just a good quality food with a minimum of corn (brown rice is better) and he should do fine.

Wow, what an active forum. 5 minutes later and several responses.

The adult food idea is something I totally forgot about. My wife suggested that I do that and I now remember that my last puppy did much better with adult food than puppy kibble (stool-wise anyway). I think I'll get rid of the puppy food and get him on the Nutro adult food my other dogs eat.

Thanks for all the replies, the "Diesel" name is growing on me...will be cool to name him after my son's idea (Thomas and Friends, Diesel is the naughty train car lol)
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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