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Newb here, have an 8 week old and a few questions

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Hello all, my very first post.

I did a bad thing I realize now which is buy a Doberman about an hour from where I live from a "BYB" in Tucson, AZ. He's 8 weeks old today, I'll be taking him in to the town's favorite vet for a full physical, etc. I hope to post pictures soon. My kids come up with a name every hour and since I'll be spending more time with him than probably all 7 of my kids combined, I said I'll take my time naming him with their best ones.

My 5 year old is sticking with the one name he came up with that I like the most and he'll probably be named, "Diesel".

I've had him for a couple days now, I notice he sleeps A LOT. Is this pretty normal? Been a while since my last puppy... I just don't remember my old German Shepherd sleeping so much. He'll be up for an hour, sleep for an hour for the last two days. Very excited to be awake when he's awake and will play very hard with my wife's long haired chihuahua. Maybe he's expending so much energy that it's making him sleepy sooner, I wonder? It'll be my first question for my vet for sure. Just curious if this sounded familiar to the experience owner-types here. Around 9pm, he's ready to call it a night and we'll sleep together until 6am. Then he's up for 2 hours then he wants to nap again. Maybe I'm encouraging it and don't realize it as I'm constantly handling him. Always believed that the more you handle a puppy (hugs, holding, letting them rest on you, etc) the better it is for later in life for the dog.

I feed all of my other dogs Dinovite ever since I tried it and noticed that it's given them all more energy and just generally much happier than ever... I'm wondering if it's too early to give it to my new doberman pup? Typically, I'll mix the Dinovite with raw scrambled eggs and mix it into the kibble. The reason I ask is that the fella down the street has had Great Danes all of his life and says he doesn't supplement his Dane pups food because he doesn't want to encourage even faster growth in a fast growing breed. No idea about the merit behind that idea. I know Dobermans grow up pretty quickly and I'm thinking it's unlikely that too much nutrition is a bad thing. Then again, I'm no vet or dog nutrition expert.

So those are my two big questions for now. I'm so excited about my new best friend, my next Doberman will likely come from someone that is a member here after reading the wealth of knowledge here. Maybe this year! I haven't had so much fun with a pup in 2 days as I've had with my new Doberman, regardless of the toe-chomps he's already given me.
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Just wanted to welcome you and your very large household, to the forum.
The friend of yours with the danes knows what he's talking about as far as the pups nutrition and growing too fast. Just watch the protein levels and limit the grains and your pup should do well.
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